Liability of the Liechtenstein Foundation

Only the foundation’s assets are liable for the debts of the Liechtenstein Foundation. There is no obligation to make additional contributions.
The bodies of the foundation (Board of Trustees, Auditor, Supervisory Board, Protector, Advisory Board, Collator, Trustee) are liable in accordance with the general Liechtenstein liability provisions.
The heirs of the founder are liable for any taxes evaded by the founder in connection with the foundation.

List of accounts and assets

Foundations that operate a commercial business must keep appropriate records of the management and use of the foundation’s assets, taking into account the principles of proper bookkeeping, and keep records from which the course of business and the development of the foundation’s assets can be traced. This applies even if the statutory purpose does not permit this. Furthermore, the Board of Trustees must keep an asset register showing the status and investment of the foundation’s assets.

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